IWaterS offers remote management systems meeting both the needs of growers and the needs of Management Agencies

IWaterS recognizing growers needs for irrigation monitoring and scheduling, has developed remote monitoring – control systems as well as software for monitoring and scheduling irrigation cycles in the context of precision agriculture and reduced inputs.

Solutions proposed achieve the continuous monitoring and supervision of important parameters such as the operation of irrigation networks (supply, pressure, consumption, etc.), the collection and storage of historical data and the performance of operations to control the active components of the irrigation system.

The requirements of water crops can be assessed daily (ETC – Water Balance) and apply the appropriate irrigation dose to meet their needs.

The systems are managed through remote controllers. . Management can be done remotely via wireless mobile connection, NB-IoT technology or using a connection router. In combination with the use of microclimatic or meteorological stations, it is possible to fully automate the irrigation process based on the prevailing conditions. In addition, the use of optional sensors provides the possibility of autonomous change of irrigation cycles based on soil moisture and rainfall rates with the possibility of customization by the user.

The aim of the systems is the central monitoring of all irrigation networks, the timely detection of the origin of water losses, the timely treatment of faults and the correct application of irrigation dose. Final goal of the systems is the production of quality products of high nutritional value through the remote management of agricultural parcels.