The Smart city is an urban area, which utilizes a number of innovative technologies to facilitate the live of the inhabitans. Using technology, the resources and services of the city are better managed. Smart technology allows city managers, while having an idea of ​​its crucial infrastructure, to interact directly with them, and to optimize the efficiency of its operations and services, while its citizens are connected. The data collected are utilized on the one hand by increasing the number of services to citizens and on the other hand by improving the quality of these services, while reducing operating costs..

IWaterS offers intelligent remote irrigation control systems so that there is central control of irrigation in city’s green spaces. The user has the ability to remotely and in real-time monitor the irrigation process. Any problem that may arise, the user will be informed immediately in order to validly address it. The user has the ability to process and statistically analyze the stored data.

In smart irrigation systems there is the possibility of connecting a wide range of sensors. With the connection of the sensors, the collection of different data takes place, in order to achieve the best possible application of the irrigation system. There are various types of sensors that can be connected such as humidity and grid pressure sensors, weather station and hydrometers. Local control units have the ability to remotely intervene on devices such as pumps and solenoid valves.

IWaterS in addition to remote irrigation control systems, has solutions that improve and enhance the quality of life of citizens and are environmentally friendly. Such solutions are the smart lighting of cities, which aims to reduce light pollution of urban areas and the smart city equipment, the traffic control system – Smart Pedestrian Crossing system etc.